Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life Part I: Life and its energy.

What is a cell? Somethings you maybe know about it. The first definition that is necessary to know is that a cell is a unit capable of living independently. Thus, it must have everything needed to be alive. Ideally, from one cell we can get another equal cell or similar (reproduction).

This concept is very cool, any living thing should be kept different from the medium it is into. It has different quantities and kind of molecules or atoms than it's environment. For example, a dog has more concentration of salts in their body than the air (sounds obvious right?), the fish have different amounts of salt than the sea (not so obvious ah?) Or yeast have different concentrations of salts than beer (for those who like not filtered beer).

Just this characteristic implies that it HAS A DIFFERENT STATE OF ENERGY. A simple example, Cuba libre (Rum with Coke), these two are going to mix by their own. Why? Because the cuba libre has a energy state that is lower than energy of both rum and coke separate. So, if you want to separate the rum from the coke from cubalibe you MUST apply energy (with a process called distillation). And if you want o maintain them separately you have to put them in different glasses.

To understand this I will give you a DOGMA. Everything goes from a higher energy state to a minor. Things that are unstable are unstable because they have to much energy, and they prefer to be calm in a lower energy state . For example, if you hold an apple one meter above the ground, and you drop it, would the apple not fall?. Yes, it does, this is because the energy state of the apple is lower on the floor than a meter above it, and the only way that the apple can be one meter above the ground is by applying energy. We are the ones that apply that energy by having the apple above the ground. And if you don't believe me try to hold an apple one meter from the floor for over an hour. You will get tired, right?.

So, for a cell to maintain a differentiate from it's environment, it has to use and produce energy, that why we eat. To maintain alive and be alive means that we have to differentiate us from the environment.

To confirm it, imagine what happens to the things that die, it becomes one with the environment, same amount of salts and ions, and everything.

Then, assuming that all the concepts were understood, and my lack of english didn't perturbed you. Living organisms have an MAYOR energy state than its environment.

So, Why living organism (life) exist? Why is there then? If by dogma, things tends to reach a lower energy state, they reach an equilibrium. Life break this rule.

What is the justification of life?

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